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Thomas Lang

Co-Founder & CMO, Timify, Germany

Personal profile:
Thomas leads marketing and strategic development at TIMIFY, the online appointment booking software company.

From it’s inception in 2012 to it’s current position as market leader in appointment booking software in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Thomas has led TIMIFY to secure multiple partnerships with international Yellow Pages service directories. Plans for an all-encompassing global roll-out of the innovative booking app are firmly underway.

Thomas has brought growth and success to a number of ventures in the lifestyle and technology industries. With his considerable interna-tional experience and understanding of how to get startups off-the-ground, Thomas lends his knowledge to fledgling businesses. He has founded and invested in multiple businesses in Europe, the USA and Korea, including Trendwizzard, The Green Future Company and Tannus Tyres respectively. In addition, he acts as a strategic consultant to a number of the companies he invests in, such as Junique, the online art shop.

Thomas gained two decades’ valuable experience in the private sec-tor, predominantly at The Walt Disney Company, where his most recent position was as Chairman of the Board for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In his concurrent position as VP, Marketing & Corporate Brand Management, he represented the company in the same regions as well as in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Russia.

Company profile:
TIMIFY: the appointment booking app for service directories

TIMIFY gives your service directory website the finishing touch: appointment booking buttons for your SMBs.

With TIMIFY, online appointment booking can be seamlessly integrated for each SMB listed on your website and app – under your own branding and completely for free.

That means your service directory can be the first local search engine with a real time appointment booking option.

Your customers finally get the service they want: to search, find and book appointments, quickly and easily, 24/7. Customers can book straight from the smartphone app or via the SMB’s website, Facebook page or “booking profile” (the mini website that TIMIFY creates for each SMB).

Your SMBs receive bookings online, and can use TIMIFY to manage their customers’ contact details, organize their employee schedules and view their appointments and services at-a-glance. With TIMIFY Premium, the paid for upgrade, SMBs can benefit from access to numerous addition-al features including SMS appointment reminders for their customers.

Service directories can even generate revenue from TIMIFY; for each sale of TIMIFY Premium to their SMBs, they receive a 50/50 profit share*.

In a world where customers demand instant solutions, online appointment scheduling is simply a must. Scheduling appointments online is preferred by more than 80% of customers; and when given the option to book online, some 40% of customers prefer to arrange appointments outside of tradition-al business hours.

TIMIFY gives you the only tool you’re missing: online booking helps you to attract and retain your SMBs, and to stay relevant in an ever changing digital age.

In short,

• TIMIFY Classic is completely free for all service directories & their SMBs
• appointment booking buttons on your service directory homepage in-crease traffic, growing your SMB base and end customer base
• in addition to receiving bookings online, SMBs can benefit from the full range of business management features that the TIMIFY web app offers
• service directories receive a 50/50 profit share on all sales of the TIMIFY
Premium app*
• there are no costs, no risks and no investment required from service directories or SMBs.

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