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Pierre-André Pochon

VP Product and International, Solocal, France

Personal profile:
Pierre-André Pochon discovered the universe of the web in the 90s. After graduating in Financial Engineering, he completed his studies by a Master in Business Administration degree at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Maastricht, Netherlands. In 2002, Pierre-André and Cyril Laurent founded a web agency focused exclusively on online performance. In 2007, following the evolution of the e-commerce trends, he sold the agency to devote his time exclusively to Leadformance.
He is now the co-founder and CEO of a SaaS publisher dedicated to the emerging “online-offline” needs for the big brands and companies with large networks of resellers.

Company profile:
Solocal Group is a European leader in multichannel marketing solutions, delivers online content, advertising, geolocation solutions and transactional services that connect customers to brands. Its portfolio of solutions help over 650,000 clients engage with customers and drive online traffic in-store through display advertising, a store locator solution, real-time online booking and many other services.

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