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Mark van de Crommert

CEO, Mediasynced, the Netherlands

Personal profile:
Mark is co-founder and CEO of Mediasynced, a company that develops technology to connect offline moments like TV, Radio and Weather to online digital campaigns.

Before launching Mediasynced with co-founder Mendel Looije, Mark’s background was one of a corporate entrepeneur. He successfully built Holland’s first Internet provider, aimed at the general public for KPN in the nineties (World Access, Planet Internet, KPN Mobile) and went on to commercially built Europe’s first VOD services for Liberty Global/UPC across Europe from 2006 onwards.

Mark has an unquenchable thirst for innovation and now combines his knowledge of TV, Internet, and mobile markets to again team up with Mendel Looije. They are about to launch 2 new companies that will change the way we measure and buy TV, Radio and Outdoor advertising.

Mark holds a Master Degree in Economics from Tilburg University. He plays field hockey and squash and loves listening to R&B, Jazz and dance music. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his 2 daughters and wife.

Company profile:
Mediasynced captures exciting TV, radio, weather and sports moments for highly effective digital campaigns.

We detect and analyse the perfect moment to launch your campaign, manage biddings, set pacing or change creatives. So you can target the moments that matter. And adapt your online campaign to offline circumstances, in real-time. We can sync with TV commercials, weather conditions, sports events, the news, etc.

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