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Karsten Marquardsen

Geschäftsführer, Heise Media Service, Germany

Personal profile:
Karsten Marquardsen has extensive experience in the directories industry. He has worked for Sutter Telefonbuchverlag and Das Örtliche Service- und Marketinggesellschaft. Since 2007 he’s the Managing Director at Heise Media Service in Hannover and responsible for the marketing and internet activities of the Heise SME Internet Business incl. online sales. He is also the head of marketing of Verlag Heinz Heise. Before his work career he graduated at university of Duisburg and holds a diploma in economics.

Company profile:
Heise Media Service belongs to the Heise Group and is the internal service provider for all internet activities of the directory business of Heise. As partner of the Google AdWords Premier SMB program, Heise is a trusted service provider for search engine marketing and offers a broad range of internet products designed for the successful marketing of SME. Heise and its subsidiaries publish 101 local telephone directories of Das Örtliche and directories of Das Telefonbuch together with Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH.

Heise is also known as the leading publisher in Germany for computer magazines. With its publications c’t and iX and the online site it has become one of the most widely
used IT news services in Germany.

Since 1992, Heise has been expanding its activities to Riga and into Eastern Europe and offers a broad range of directory services including voice and mobile.

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