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Gergana Kirovska

Project Manager, Bannerconnect, the Netherlands

Personal profile:
Gergana Kirovska is a Project Manager at Bannerconnect, Europe’s leading technology enabled service provider in digital advertising.

Gergana is focused on projects related to product and commercial development. She is always looking for new challenges and ways to enable Bannerconnect’s teams and clients move forward. R&D is close to her heart, not just because of the challenges it provides, but also because it drives innovation by spotting industry opportunities.

Coming from a trade marketing function, Gergana was eager to get involved in digital advertising. After joining Bannerconnect in 2014, she quickly picked up on the industry’s interesting topics and dipped her hands into the world of innovation.

Outside of innovating online advertising, Gergana enjoys quality friends time, spent in enthusiastic discussions.

Company profile:
Advertising is at its best when it’s in front of someone who cares about the brand at the right time and in the right place. We offer technology-enabled services that empowers advertisers to do just that. This powerful combination of people and technology has been helping large advertisers, trade-desks, agencies and publishers maximise the value of digital advertising space they buy or sell for over 10 years.

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