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Ger Baron

CTO, City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Personal profile:
Ger Baron, born on April 13 in 1978, started his professional career at Accenture. There, Ger worked as an analyst in the consulting department for two years. After this start in the consultancy, in 2007, Ger started working with the Amsterdam Innovation Motor (AIM) as project manager to develop projects in the field of Sustainability and ICT. The Amsterdam Innovation Motor is an organization that stimulates the innovation climate for companies, knowledge institutes and local governments within the Amsterdam region. In this role, Ger was responsible for establishing the Amsterdam ICT-cluster and initiated several projects in public-private partnerships. Amongst these projects, several were focused on developing Smart Cities. Amsterdam Smart City organizes projects in which different organizations and institutions collaborate together to save energy, reduce traffic congestion and solve other city challanges. These projects are developed and tested within Amsterdam. Currently Ger serves as the first CTO of Amsterdam responsible for innovation and making the city future proof and is also president of the City Protocol Initiative.

Company profile:
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands with over 800,000 inhabitants. Amsterdam is an attractive metropolis operating in a larger (international) context. Enterprising and socially. Its environment is changing rapidly and is complex. That requires a responsible, flexible government that listens, acts and produces, and gives employees the room to grow.

The municipality continues to work hard to solve urban issues and to provide an attractive environment for residents, visitors and businesses. She serves the international metropolis and is also an area organization that delivers results for the city, its neighborhoods and communities. The organization is constantly evolving and as an employer encourages the municipality of Amsterdam creativity and innovation.

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