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YELLOW SEARCH TODAY! Annual Conference, 22-23 June 2016, Amsterdam

What is the DNA of a Digital Marketing Service Agency?


What exactly is a Digital Marketing Service Agency?

Does it have the same understanding for all? Which is most important? Digital? Marketing? Service? or Agency?

(DOWNLOAD) Erik Hoekstra, CEO, dtg, the Netherlands
(DOWNLOAD) Christian Bredlow, Geschäftsführer, Digital Mindset, Germany

What is a DMSA in the USA?

How does a traditional agency make the transition to become a DMSA? Listen to an interesting case study from the USA.

(DOWNLOAD) Jennifer Goddard, CEO, Integrity Marketing Solutions, USA

Which are the successful legacy yellow pages providers to have made this transition?

Is this the ultimate goal? Is there more for the YP traditionalists?

(DOWNLOAD) Charles Laughlin, SVP & Senior Analyst, BIAKelsey, USA

Is a partnership between an online company and a legacy provider a good solution?

Does a merger/ acquisition accelerate the mentality change? Are new and old compatible?

(DOWNLOAD) Andrea Servo, CFO, Seat PG, Italy

What are the essential competencies for a DMSA?

Where are the successful new entrants to this sector? Why are they succeeding?

(DOWNLOAD) Karsten Marquardsen, Geschäftsführer, Heise Media Service, Germany

Should a DMSA seek to satisfy both SME’s and larger corporations?

Is it viable to try to cover both sectors? Are the demands the same?

(DOWNLOAD) Alastair Thornton, CEO,, UK


Let’s sit back and enjoy local results related stories that you don’t hear every day.

(DOWNLOAD) Mark van de Crommert, CEO, Mediasynced, the Netherlands
(DOWNLOAD) Thalita van Ogtrop, Founder, The Next Closet, the Netherlands


City of Amsterdam – Thriving Tech & ICT Hub.

(DOWNLOAD) Ger Baron, CTO, City of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

What are the new digital products and services in demand by businesses?

Are providers up to speed with new products? Is the market demanding more?

(DOWNLOAD) Peter Urmson, CEO, Spotzer, the Netherlands
(DOWNLOAD) Thomas Slabbers, Co-Founder, the Netherlands

Sponsored session. Innovative technology case studies.

Bernhard Friedrichs, SVP International Partnerships, uberall, Germany (please contact uberall directly)
(DOWNLOAD) Thomas Lang, Co-Founder & CMO, Timify, Germany
(DOWNLOAD) Ezana Raswork, Managing Director, Africa 118, Canada

How should a DMSA cover the „long tail“?

Is a large sales force essential? Which sales channels are affordable?

(DOWNLOAD) Yves Grepper, Head of Sales & Marketing Management,, Switzerland

The evolution of the DMSA sales channels.

Will multiple visits to customers generate the necessary level of revenue? What is the role of Customer Service? Is ROI important?

(DOWNLOAD) Johan Wiktorsson, Head of Production & Business Development, ClearSense, Sweden
(DOWNLOAD) Burkhard Leimbrock, GM Germany/ Austria, ReachLocal, Germany

How to create a culture that maximises sales productivity.

Are there other ways to cover a mass market cost-effectively? How do you best serve the client?

(DOWNLOAD) Tom van Gessel, Strategic Partnerships Development, Google, BeNeLux

The consumer journey – from online research to offline transaction.

Product stores are a largely unexploited segment for yellow pages providers. How to get beyond traffic to store’s website? How do you get the consumer into the store? And when she is there, how to motivate a purchase?

(DOWNLOAD) Pierre-André Pochon, VP Product and International, Solocal, France
(DOWNLOAD) Gergana Kirovska, Project Manager, Bannerconnect, the Netherlands